How EcoMetrics Works

The process is as important as the results, ability to capture input from stakeholders and site analysis, this requires a depth of engagement and understanding which is useful in itself.

Collaboration spirit in the process itself is already helpful.

Social Return on Investment:

The Heart of EcoMetrics


EcoMetrics’ unique design employs a unique, stakeholder-centric Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to calculate and forecast financial, environmental, and social returns from natural capital and green infrastructure projects; and the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) “Six Capital” view of value creation to report out results in terms widely adopted by international corporations that have implemented integrated reporting

Tangible and intangible values are:


  • Fully documented
  • Third-party verified in a report ready for audit

This provides full transparency for:


  • Corporate financial decision making
  • Strategic planning
  • Reporting purposes such as Annual Integrated and Sustainability Report

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach

EcoMetrics monitors, tracks and collects data on a specific projects, accounting for the environmental, social and economic value created for funders and community stakeholders. Value is captured by EcoMetrics in both “market” terms, such as economic value/cost internalized by project sponsors, and “non-market” terms, such as the environmental, social and economic value/cost created for other stakeholders.
EcoMetrics follows a stakeholder-centric approach to SROI evaluation and forecasting, which is fundamental to Social Value International (SVI)’s Social Value Principles, as prominently reflected in Principle 1: “Involve Stakeholders”
EcoMetrics internalizes critical environmental attributes of each project to accurately assess and report on the environmental impacts/changes in each landscape resulting from the project activities. To accomplish this, ‘the environment’ is identified and prioritized as a stakeholder in each EcoMetrics assessment.

This makes it easy for external stakeholders to understand the financial net benefits of restored or unprotected ecosystems. This also makes it possible for project funding partners to communicate the co-benefits of their work in financial terms to shareholders, stakeholders and management.

Our EcoMetrics™ Model captures the full monetary value created by nature based solutions in a way that aligns with International Integrated Reporting protocols.

Restore the Earth Foundation originally developed EcoMetrics to fully support the business cause for major investment in landscape-scale environmental restoration, in order to elevate the investment in forest restoration from a philanthropic donation to a significant corporate investment impacting business and society. EcoMetrics is adaptable to other types of ecosystem projects such as restoration, protection and preservation.