EcoMetrics Services 

In addition to the EcoMetrics methodology, EcoMetrics LLC also provides services that support, enhance or expand on opportunities presented by the analysis and reporting the methodology provides.

Additional services EcoMetrics LLC can provide to clients include:

  • Conducting an abbreviated Preliminary EcoMetrics assessment for clients wanting to understand the methodology better before doing a full study
  • Advising on leveraging analysis results as a pathway to engage with formalized Credit Registries
  • Advise on how to leverage analysis results as a pathway to Emerging Credits Markets (i.e. biodiversity, water, etc.)
  • Supporting ESG reporting and communications for external claims
  • Supporting impact investment decision-making

EcoMetrics in Action

Watch the video to learn more about what our partners have to say about EcoMetrics.

How It Is Used

There are two main ways to use EcoMetrics:

FORECAST SCENARIO PLANNING: evaluate options to better understand and predict the desired impact and outcomes of a program or activity for significant stakeholders, including environmental and economic value/benefit created for other stakeholders.

Evaluative: conducted concurrently and retrospectively to validate a forecast or baseline social return on investment (SROI) and return on investment (ROI) to determine if projected impact was achieved.

Evaluative or Forecasting, EcoMetrics is a tool for decision making and scenario planning, whether:

  • Demonstrating Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Making the Business Case
  • Quantifying Social and Environmental impacts
  • Accounting for Impact and Value Creation i.e. via Sustainability Goals and SDGs
  • Providing data for determining Offsets i.e. carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, water, etc.
  • Accounting for SROI Value to address Community Goals
  • Community Resilience
  • Generational Equity
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Accounting for Business Value, Securing Dependencies, Maintaining License to Operate, etc.
  • Supporting Transparency in Reporting
  • Calculating Cost of “No Action”

Reporting Tool for communicating the environmental, social and economic value created by investment in ecosystem services, translated into monetary terms.

  • Enhances investment planning
  • Provides cost-benefit analysis of “green” vs. “gray” infrastructure
  • Supports investment in operational efficiency
  • Supports investment in risk management
  • Informs social and environmental impacts
  • Enhances transparency in reporting
  • Demonstrates integrated value
  • Demonstrates leadership and sustainability

How And Where
Do We Get the Numbers?

Establish Baseline:

  • Identifies what exists
  • Identifies and engages key stakeholders
  • Identifies how change is created “theory of change”

Monitoring & Measuring:

  • On the Ground
  • Uses accepted science-based protocols
  • Uses remote sensing+satellite imaging, direct observation, existing information

Market Numbers:

  • Use established protocols–financial opportunities generated by value creation (carbon, nutrient, water offsets, land values, and others)

SROI Non-Market Numbers:

  • Uses in-depth, evidence based full range of change of experience (+)
  • Uses Financial Proxies – Peer reviewed

Restore the Earth’s Ecometrics  uses these methodologies since they are currently the most advanced and sophisticated methodologies in terms of accounting for social and environmental impact and value creation.

Users of the model will join others in working to advance the field of accounting and valuation so that they explicitly value climate stability, ecosystem services and human benefits.

The EcoMetrics models, metadata and customer project data are security stored in the EcoMetrics cloud platform. This makes it efficient to access project data and maintain an evolving “Digital Twin” of each project over time.

Quantifying Charismatic Offsets

“Charismatic Offsets” refer to offsets which create significant co-benefits and value to local communities and economies. The interconnectedness of this value creation creates a significant multiplier that enhances social and economic impacts. When translated and communicated via EcoMetrics funders and partners are able to extract stories and narratives from the outputs, allowing them to see, touch, and feel each project and its impacts.

EcoMetrics provides a mechanism to quantify, verify and secure offsets and/or reductions, such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, that are:

    • Real and robust
    • Permanent
    • Additional
    • Assured against leakage 
    • Fully transparent and long-term – “in perpetuity”
    • Third-party validated, verified and registered

Offsets are attributes or benefits that have market value and can be assigned, banked, sold, or traded to another party.