There are many benefits stemming from water stewardship practices, and EcoMetrics LLC is proud to partner with different companies and projects across the globe to highlight these benefits.

Water stewardship and sustainability is an important priority for all industries. When it comes to food and agriculture, it is increasingly a necessity.

In the Lake Winnipeg Basin of Manitoba Canada, EcoMetrics provided an analysis of a four farm pilot project for sustainable water stewardship. This pilot project was co-funded by several companies and managed by ALUS Canada. The pilot was intended to test the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard. The AWS approach leads to more sustainable water stewardship by defining an approach to identify water challenges in a basin, develop and implement a water stewardship plan, monitor and measure progress, and disclose information on performance.  The AWS process provides for independent, third-party certification of a site’s implementation of the standard’s requirements.   Such efforts ultimately lead to many water-related benefits to that particular watershed, in addition to a host of other environmental, economic, and social benefits associated with water stewardship.  EcoMetrics is an effective partner and tool for these types of projects as we’re  able to identify, quantify, and value those additional benefits as well as value the water stewardship benefits. The EcoMetrics methodology is well-aligned with the AWS approach, building an even stronger business case for improved water stewardship practices.

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